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Through jewelry, people choose to symbolize many important aspects of their lives—loving relationships, passions and avocations. Through the mindful shaping of precious metals and the artful arrangement of gems, our lives are celebrated, eternalized, and enriched. Custom jewelry captures passion like no other art form.

A bespoke jewelry designer must be part artist, part anthropologist, and part psychologist; only then will the design truly capture the spirit and meaning intended. Allow me to help ‘complete the circle’ of your passion with custom designed, handcrafted gold, platinum and silver jewelry including diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, commitment rings, unique earrings and pendants, and stunning bracelets.

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  • Jewelry Magic | Conscious Intent
    Jewelry Magic | Conscious Intent In the context of my custom jewelry design practice, which is influenced by my interest in psychology and anthropology, the idea of conscious intent relates loosely to an ethical principal in the Buddhist notion of Karma: In every action a person undertakes there is (or at least can be) an underlying state of mental energy. And I have come to realize that the energy and emotion that I hold in my mind, and thus put into my communication with the client as well as the object that I am creating for them, will stay with the object forever.
  • I received the pendant and we love it. It is beautiful. Thank you very much. ~ Lindy